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The More Core virtual class is held each Friday morning from 700 am - 730 am.  We do a variety of strengthening and stretching exercises to work the entire core. The "core" is the torso, extending from the shoulders to the pelvis and it is the body's center of power which connects your upper and lower body. Over training abdominal muscles while ignoring muscles of the back and hip can set you up for injuries, imbalances and reduce athletic activities. Therefore we aim to work a variety of core muscles each week not just crunch away. 
Part of the class is a plank hold. Each month we have a new plank variation. The hold time is the number of minutes that corresponds to the Friday ie The first Friday of the month we plank for 1 minute the second Friday 2 minutes and so on.

The ​Mix It Up  is offered 3 times a week and the format of the 45 minute class will provide you with a variety of strength, toning, balance and cardio exercises. We will use mostly our own body weight and throw in some "props* and toys" along the way. Of course modifications as well as progressive options will be provided.
* Yoga mat/comfortable floor
Hand weights or 2 cans of food, 2 water bottles, 2 sanitizer containers or whatever else you can round up
A step, stairs, thick textbook, strong chair or couch
Yoga block or small ball or towel


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What I Do

After many years of teaching a variety of group fitness classes through a number of facilities I now teach live via Zoom. I am certified through ACE and YogaFit and even keep up my CPR.

There is no fee. If you do choose to donate, financial support is accepted with much gratitude but is not required. 

Tracy Taylor Wellness

COVID 19 Safety: all classes and consults are available through Zoom