What I Do

Can I help you turn your goals and knowledge into healthy meals and snacks that taste delicious?
As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) I will review your medical history, labs, medications, and your habits and lifestyle, then help guide you to create healthful decisions regarding diet and nutrition. Whether you are dealing with a chronic disease, food allergy, weight management, an interest in plant-based eating or just a desire for healthful eating and prevention, I can help tailor a meal plan to meet your preferences and needs using a science-based approach that is both obtainable and sustainable.


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COVID 19 Safety: all classes and consults are available through Zoom

How It Works

When you are ready, you will contact me to schedule your initial consultation appointment.  I will ask you to  complete a nutrition questionnaire.  This is the first step to an enhanced you! In this one-hour appointment, we’ll explore your individual health and nutrition needs as well as your short-term and ultimate goals. This lays the foundation to create a plan that works specifically for you.


These 30-minute accountability and review sessions give us a chance to tailor your specific plan based on what worked and didn't work. Life is full of changes and it's important to continue to reassess to see where we might need to expand, pull back or change course.